“Freemont can’t do enough for us, you only have to phone and problems are resolved”.Mr Carter - Resident  Park View Court
“Freemont were much more approachable and friendly”.

Resident Shephard Mead, Tewksbury
Aqua, Poole
“Freemont can’t do enough for us”.

Mr C - Resident Park View Bristol
Fosseway Court, Bristol
“I really enjoy my job now”.

Resident Manager, Morgan Court, Swansea
“I know there is always someone to talk to”.

P I, House Manager, Anson Way, Bridgewater
“Freemont get things done”.

Resident Shephard Mead, Tewksbury
“You will get vastly better service from them”.

Director Barden Court, Maidstone RTM Company Limited
“Much better involvement and communication”.

Resident Shephard Mead, Tewksbury
Park View Court, Bristol
“I feel my voice can be heard”.

Development Manager, Morgan Court Swansea
Is the gardener
“Staff seemed more determined and professional”.

Resident Shephard Mead Tewksbury
Aqua Poole
“It is a pleasure to live here now..”

Residents Association members, Haven Court, Bridgewater
“I am so happy now, thank you”.

Resident Shephard Mead, Tewksbury
“They have shown excellent leadership skills from the top down with exemplary people skills"

Development Manager, Magdalen Court, Canterbury