Does your Property Management Company communicate regularly?


“The thing that annoys us at Freemont the most is a lack of information and communication by others,” explains Nigel. “If you get problems in any business, communication can often be the root cause."

We provide a financial summary to include performance against budget, bank balance, debtors and balance on sinking funds on a quarterly basis. After all, these are the people who pay the service charges; it’s their home, their money and we’re just acting on their behalf. Whether we’re appointed by the landlord or the residents, we see it the same way and it’s about information and communication they both want and need.”ss, it always stems from communication so we talk to people more regularly and provide them with better financial information. It is common practice for management companies to provide financial information once a year, even at the larger or more complex developments, which is not good enough.

Director Nigel Bannister discusses Freemonts policy on sharing financial information in a recent intereview with BD&C Magazine. View the full article here.

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