Frequently Asked Questions

Over the many years we have managed retirement properties, we have come across most of the key questions Residents, Landlords, Developers, Housing Associations ask, covering everything from what we at Freemont provide right up to what happens if I can’t pay my service charge.  Here are just a few of those typical questions with the answers:

Does Freemont Property Managers (“Freemont”) comply with any industry standard for managing retirement developments?

Freemont is an Associate member of ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents) and complies with the code of practice of ARMA and ARHM (Association of Residential Housing Managers) and actively supports the aim of raising standards and delivering excellent Customer Care.  Freemont also follows strictly the legislation and process laid down by the RICS for service charges.

Does Freemont specialise in retirement developments?
What does Freemont provide that other management companies do not?
What is the difference between Service Charge and Management Charge?
Do you also take a profit on the supply of contractors work in the Service Charge?
Do I have a say in appointing contractors?
When do you advise us of the annual Service Charge amount?
How can I pay my Service Charge?
What happens if I cannot pay it?
Does Freemont have a complaints procedure?
What if we do not like our management company?
Can I spread the cost of the Service Charge over the 12 months?
Is my Service Charge money secure?
Has Freemont had any court ruling against them for management of any developments?
Will our accounts be independently audited?

At Freemont we insist on external professional auditing of all accounts.  This complies with our ethos of honesty and clarity and gives you the resident the comfort of knowing that your money is being managed professionally.

Is the on-site Manager employed by Freemont?
Can I see my buildings insurance policy?
Do Freemont or any of its directors have any involvement in the ownership or share in the ownership of any retirement developments, or any of the contractors working on the development?
Do we have a specific person in Freemont to look after our development?
Do you have management contracts at the developments you manage?
Do you have professional indemnity insurance?
Do you support Residents' Associations?
Do I pay ground rent to you?
What happens to the balance of service charge monies?
How do you choose contractors that work at my development?
Is there a limit to the size of development you will manage?