“Freemont were much more approachable and friendly”.

Resident Shephard Mead, Tewksbury
Aqua, Poole
“Freemont can’t do enough for us”.

Mr C - Resident Park View Bristol
Fosseway Court, Bristol
“I know there is always someone to talk to”.

P I, House Manager, Anson Way, Bridgewater
“Freemont get things done”.

Resident Shephard Mead, Tewksbury
“You will get vastly better service from them”.

Director Barden Court, Maidstone RTM Company Limited
“Much better involvement and communication”.

Resident Shephard Mead, Tewksbury
Park View Court, Bristol
“Staff seemed more determined and professional”.

Resident Shephard Mead Tewksbury
Aqua, Poole
“I feel my voice can be heard”.

Development Manager, Morgan Court Swansea
“It is a pleasure to live here now..”

Residents Association members, Haven Court, Bridgewater
“I am so happy now, thank you”.

Resident Shephard Mead, Tewksbury
“They have shown excellent leadership skills from the top down with exemplary people skills"

Development Manager, Magdalen Court, Canterbury

Housing Associations

Throughout the UK many Housing Associations are realising the skills required to effectively manage retirement properties are considerably different from that of general market housing.  The Customers are different, have different needs and aspirations as well as expectations.  For these reasons several are looking at contracting out the management of their retirement properties to experienced retirement property management companies such as Freemont. 


Case Study


In the summer of 2017 Freemont were invited along with several other management companies to tender for the management of 35 retirement developments by Orbit Housing Association.

Orbit felt it was better to contract out the management of retirement properties as they could see that specialist skills are required. 

Freemont were successful at winning the hearts and minds of 28 of their retirement properties.   For both the Residents and the Housing Association this has been a worthwhile and well received change.

Since that time Freemont have been contacted by several other Housing Association to consider a similar course of action.

Where are Freemont different from the others

See what the residents said…

What the Development Managers have said

Testimonials from Shephard Mead

Shephard Mead – a Retirement development in Tewksbury of 61 apartments and bungalows This is one of the developments managed by Orbit Housing Association, who invited FPM to meet the residents in a competitive tender for the property management. After the presentation by FPM the residents preferred FPM to the other companies to manage the development. Residents were then sent a questionnaire to find out why they chose FPM, what they saw better in FPM and what the experience to date has been. Listed here are just some of the comments provided by the residents.

Why did you choose Freemont?

Excellent presentation and exhibited experience with Retirement Developments Company was nearer and had a good history.
At the presentation Freemont were much more approachable and friendly. Pat came over to our table to talk to us.
The literature was better. Staff seemed more determined and professional.

Where are Freemont different to Orbit?

Much better involvement and communication with Residents. So important.

Things are getting done now.

Freemont gets things done, we talk to Chez and work gets done.

After only 6 months, its difficult to tell.

Are you happy/reassured with your choice?

Yes, Yes at the moment. Happy that work is being done.

I am happy and reassured so far by Freemont.

At present yes I am. Time will tell.

Any further comments?

Early days. So far, so good!

Grateful to Chez that things are being done.

Our Services

Below are just some of the services we provide.  For more details click onto the full list. 

Consultation with Residents

Consultation with Residents

Preparation, issue and consultation with Residents of service charges budgets.

Service charges audited

Service charges audited

Arranging for all service charge accounts to be professionally audited by independent accountants and reported on to Residents.

Invoices from contractors

Invoices from contractors

All invoices from contractors are passed to accounts without any additional costs added by the management company.

Regular visits

Regular visits

Regular monthly visits to the development to meet Residents and Development managers and dealing with any issues there and then.

Service charges paid

Service charges paid

Ensuring service charges are paid by all Residents, in accordance with the Lease, and providing support and advice when required.



Proposing any forecast for internal or external refurbishment as per terms of the Lease.

Properties We Manage

To see the properties we manage Nationwide click below for our full list. 

Latest Property Management Advice

Director of Legal and Compliance

Below are just some of the many subjects that I can provide you with advice and help, whether you are a Resident, Landlord, Developer or Housing Association.  With the many years’ experience we have at Freemont in the retired property market this advice is there to help you.  For more details on these and many other subjects please click below

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