Freemont Property Managers - Building our business on trust


Trust is crucial to Freemont’s operation because it means there’s an assurance that everyone will just get on with their jobs properly.

Trust is achieved within the business by appointing a like-minded team and partnering with a supply chain that’s known to work effectively. That’s essential, particularly for a start-up operation that chose to provide a nationwide service rather than taking the easy option of remaining local. Having done so, everyone then has to contribute to the success and growth of the business.

This has meant the directors in many cases doing some of the jobs on site to understand in detail what people do day to day. If we have a scheme manager missing, one of our directors may fulfil that function and there’s no better way to learn than actually doing the job. In any start-up, it’s about mucking in and being prepared to do anything and that’s what they have done. As we get bigger and more structured, people will stick with their speciality but they’re going to be grounded into things they wouldn’t normally experience.

Director Nigel Bannister discussing the importance of trust during a recent interview with BD&C Magazine. View the full article here.

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