Would you prefer your property to be serviced by local businesses?


 “One of the first questions we ask at a property we look at it is if they are happy with the services supplied as well as the companies who are supplying them. In most cases, people want their contractors and suppliers to be local and I think mistakes are made sometimes by bigger property management companies appointing large national contractors.”

“We’re trying to go local because we know that’s what the residents want. Those that are operating for us centrally and advising us, whether solicitors, debt collection agencies or system suppliers, are people we know.

On a local basis, we will build up a bank of people we trust and we’ll be looking very closely at how they perform over the period, although residents will tell us if they don’t like the way something’s been done. In the retirement schemes in particular, people are not only very interested in their homes but they have a little more time available to take an active interest in these things and we’re very happy when people do that.” 

Director Nigel Bannister discusses the importance of local businesses in a recent interview with BD&C Magazine. View the full article here.

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